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1 to 1 and Group Parenting Support

parenting support groupThere is much emphasis on pregnancy and birth and many parents come for sessions because they are looking for way to support the developing brain of their child.

Parenting throws up so much stuff for us parents.  Sleeplessness alone can mean our tolerance is reduced which can lead us to experience emotions we didn’t feel so strongly before.  Most people say that they are more susceptible to getting angry and giving out, then feeling awful about this.

Having a child and being in demand constantly is really difficult.  What we do at the groups and 1 to 1 sessions is carve out the parent the person wants to become.  This usually means develop skills and qualities such as patience, tolerance and learning how to respond to children in a way that supports their brain development. We learn how to validate children whilst also teaching them how to manage their emotions.

To do this we explore the developing brain of a child, what we can expect at certain ages developmentally and what we can’t.

Most of all the parenting support is about nurture of parent. It is such a tough and demanding role. I am yet to meet someone who isn’t trying their absolute best. The most responsible thing we can do as a parent is be honest when things aren’t working.  It is possible to seek alternatives if we are curious to find out if there is more we can do to support our children and set them up with the skills for coping with life.

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