12 Days of Christmas Self-Care Challenge

Have you seen Kate Middleton’s Big 5 Research Results? Parent Self-Care came out as a huge indicator of childhood wellbeing. Why? Because when a parent is supporting themselves, they are then operating from a place both physically and mentally where they are able to support a child.

Supporting a child means being able to make change – change those behaviours, attitudes or behaviours you’re looking for. Parenting is hard work! There is so much to mentally think about and physically do that parents must allow time to re-set to be in the most helpful frame of mind.

So how is your self care? Most parents I meet find it hard to meet their self care needs consistently. So that’s why I am starting the 12 days of Self-Care Challenge in the free Calm & Confident Parenting Group. Lets have a little inspiration, accountability and fun. If you’ve anything you’d like to add please email me hello@bethanoriordan.com. Suggestions also being posted in the group itself.

So come over and join us over in the free Calm & Confident Parenting Group. Challenge starts 14th December, so lots of time to get your ideas in!

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