Bethan starting online parenting revolution!

Yes I am!

Thank you to Bill Browne from The Corkman for this super piece on about my work.

I especially love this part “With this in mind, she conducts regular ‘Understanding Parenting’ courses, aimed at supporting parents, fleshing out the difficulties they face and working through triggers to develop practical solutions.”

Often parenting solutions are all about the child and getting them to change. But the reality of parenting is that it’s about the parents and how they respond to their child’s developing brain, emotions and behaviours.

Most parents I meet area well read around parenting, but get stuck around the how to implement what they read. This is because parenting goes much deeper than replicating what you read, it’s all about how you feel, what parenting legacy you’ve been left with.

And often it’s time to change that legacy.

If it’s time to change your parenting legacy then join myself and like-minded parents in the Calm & Confident Collective – your parenting membership where we solve your parenting problems.

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