Calm & Confident Parenting Course

I am delighted to announce that the Waitlist for the next Calm & Confident Parenting Course is now live.

This course will help you to find your parenting best and be the parent that you’d like to be.

The Course begins 7th March and is a mixture of parents personal development work and the practical aspects and skills of parenting. The Course is taught live by me weekly online and each participant has their own private portal where all the course information is available to them for life.

I’ve included two bonuses on the course to make sure that all aspects of being a parent is supported. Jen O’Callaghan, Nutritionist and Health and Wellbeing life Coach and Jane Hegarty Child and Adult Behavioural and Emotional Specialist will be doing a Group session.

There are special bonuses for booking the course too and making that investment in you, to hear about those make sure that you’re on the Waitlist.

I can’t wait to join you on your parenting journey and support you to find your way.

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