The Calm Parenting Club
online parenting support

An online support and advise group for parents in Ireland and across the world.

Parenting is hard and it’s easy get into overwhelm, become less patient and feel like you can’t hold your ground.



Do you want to learn to become a calmer parent?



Would you like to receive parenting advice and learn new coping skills to find your feet again?



Would you like to become a more gentle and respectful parent?



Are you feeling stressed out, in need of parenting advice and don’t know where to start?

Welcome to the Calm Parenting Club.

“It’s worth its weight in gold” Amy, Mum of four.


“I’ve tried many supports as a Mum over the year and the Calm Parenting Club  has helped me more than you could ever know”. Sarah, Mum of three.


“I’ve learned more from you than any parenting book I’ve ever read” Suzanne, Mum of two.


The Calm Parenting Club is an online parenting community and parents support group.  



It’s practical parenting advice, counselling and support at your fingertips. The Calm Parenting Club offers parental advice & support that solves practical parenting problems and will help you become the calm and gentle parent you’d like to be.  


The professional and peer parental support, combined with expert information, will help you create balance in your family.



You are the change your children need and in the Calm Parenting Club I will help you to be that change.  It’s time to develop your coping strategies, parenting approach and techniques to help your child so that you’re the person, and respectful parent, you’d like to be.  



Want family life to be easier and happier

Want to be heard

Are supporting their children with a diagnosis or waiting for a diagnosis

Want to understand behaviours and emotions

Would like to learn a gentler approach to parenting

Are supporting children through mental health difficulties including self-harm, anxiety and suicidal thoughts

Are sick of being on a waitlist and want parenting advice and support now 

There are two ways to join us inside the calm parenting club

Foundation Access

Access a vault of my knowledge crafted from all my years helping families just like yours – cheaper than the half read self help and parenting books abandoned on your nightstand!  


Each week I send you an email with the information you need to know to develop your gentle parenting approach.  


The information is also stored in the Calm Parenting Club app which you have access to, so you can refer back to it whenever you need without having to sift through emails!


€9.99/month or €99 Annually

“I love the videos, there’s so much content that I can find the answers I’m looking for” Paloma, Mum of two

Expert Support

Expert Support gives you access to that full vault of my experience and I will also be there to answer your queries, offer parenting advise and support to reassure you as you implement the techniques and strategies.  


Together we will build the family dynamic you want and deserve and help you to enhance your skills for gentle, mindful and compassionate parenting.  Hosted in its own app away from social media, support is at your fingertips from myself and with our play therapist who hosts a monthly live Q & A.


All the information is recorded, so you won’t have to get a babysitter to get the answers you need! The community is kept small so you get what you need from being here.

€35/month €350 annually

“It’s a space without shame, but with space and focus to consider making positive change” Sonia, Mum of two

Please note that this is a therapeutic led community.  This means that alongside the peer chat, support and invaluable sharing of experiences the information, advice, support and community is therapeutically managed by expert professionals.


Become a less shouty overwhelmed parent


Develop healthy boundaries


Know what to say and do to help your child’s behaviours and emotions


Here’s what parents say about being part of the Calm Parenting Community


Here’s what’s involved:


Foundation Access – only €9.99/month or two months free when you join for the year.

Let’s get you the information, coping skills, parenting advise and resources that you need to develop gentle parenting techniques.


Each week I’ll send you a helpful and informative email sharing what you need to know in bite size manageable pieces.


The information you receive in the email is also stored in the Calm Parenting Club app to make it easy to find what you need in the future. 


Try it out and cancel whenever you’d like to.



Expert Support – only €35 a month or two months free when you join for the year.

Our community is hosted in an app where you can ask me questions whenever you’d like to.  Also in the app is a vault of videos and resources from myself which share the expert information you need to know to become a mindful and compassionate parent.  The community is kept small to give you the support you’re looking for.

Each month there’s a live Q and A with myself, in the weeks where there’s no live, post your questions and I’ll answer in a video that you can watch back in your own time.

Everything is recorded and saved so you don’t miss out or need a babysitter to join.

Bringing in professionals

We have a monthly Q and A with our play therapist, Louise.  She is an expert at supporting parents and children with a diagnosis/recognition of their autism/ADHD and who experience and identify with neuro-diverse thinking and behaviours.

Weekly grounding, self-regulation and balancing

You can’t teach your children about regulation their emotions until you are a master of your own.  For our Wednesday Wellbeing, a meditation is posted to help you to be a calmer parent.

How much time will I need?

As little or as much as you would like.  If there’s something specific going on I am there to guide you through, or simply (but profoundly), watch/listen back to the information to keep moving forwards alongside your children.

A look inside the app



The Calm Parenting Club is hosted in an app away from social media.  Inside is where we chat and all the information to support yourself and your family is stored.  It’s easy to use and keeps us connected easily and most importantly, works around your schedule.


The information and support is a mixture of audio, video, PDF and text, so you can absorb what you need in the way that works best for you.


inside the calm parenting club
Online Parenting Courses by Bethan O'Riordan Psychotherapist

I am a Psychotherapist which means that I am an expert in supporting people to have the relationships they want to with themselves and those around them.



I’ve worked with suicide and self-harm prevention, mental health difficulties and addiction.  My passion is to see children and parents for who they are, look past behaviours and see how we can create change that works. 

Meet Bethan

Over 10 years ago, I realised I had to learn a whole new way of being.   On the outside things looked fine – I was working, the kids were healthy, but I was unhappy.  I was experiencing really difficult emotions such as anger, rage and anxiety.


I knew that if I didn’t learn what this was about, I wouldn’t be able to parent in the way that I’d like to.  If I didn’t have the skills to manage my emotions, how could I help my children with theirs?


I had to work through all the hardest parts of me; triggers, fears, worries, guilt, shame, anger and anxiety. As a result of that process I now can help my children navigate through their emotional and behavioural needs. And better than that, I found freedom in me.


I look forwards to supporting you to do the same in the Calm Parenting Club. 

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