The Calm Parenting Club - online parenting support

      Parenting is hard and it’s easy get into overwhelm, become less patient and feel like you can’t hold your ground.  

Would you like to learn new coping skills to find your feet again and become calm and be loving towards yourself and your children?  

Welcome to the Calm Parenting Club.


The Calm Parenting Club is an online parenting community that solves practical parenting problems and helps parents to be the parent they’d like to be.   Inside is the support, combined with expert information, that will help you create balance in your family.

If you’re feeling worn out, on edge and less tolerable The Calm Parenting Club will support you so that you can take parenting in your stride and enjoy the good bits.  

Inside The Calm Parenting Club are experienced therapists ready to help you and your family.  This includes a counsellor, psychotherapist, play therapist, mindful practitioner and psychologist.  We support you with all aspects of parenting from the day to day struggles to supporting your child’s mental health.

The community is for parents of children of any age or ability because children need their parents to be consistent, predictable and able to support them regardless of where they are at in their life. 

You are the change your children need and in the Calm Parenting Club I will help you to be that change.  Develop your coping strategies and strategies to help your child so that you’re the person, and parent, you’d like to be.  


Please note that this is a psychotherapeutic led community.  This means that alongside the peer chat, support and invaluable sharing of experiences the information, advise, support and community is therapeutically managed.  


The Calm Parenting Club


Your child isn’t looking for perfection – they just need you to be ok with who you are. 


This teaches them to be ok with themselves too. 



The Calm Parenting Club is for parents who


Want family life to be easier and happier 
Want to be heard
Are supporting their children with a diagnosis, waiting for a diagnosis or querying behaviours and emotions
Want to know what to say and do to help when children express big emotions
Would like to be calmer
Are supporting children through mental health difficulties

How much does it cost?


Getting the support and information to help your family doesn’t have to be costly.  
The Calm Parenting Club is €35 a month or €350 for the year (two months free).  This means the expert information, support and guidance is less than a couple of coffees a week.




Become a less shouty, anxious and overwhelmed parent


Here’s what’s involved:


Our own app away from social media

Join our private app where we can chat, ask questions and offer the support you need.  Myself and other members are available to make sure you get the answers you’re looking for.

Weekly topic to enhance your skills for being calm and creating change

Each week we explore a topic related to parenting and wellbeing.  This helps you to develop and meet your needs alongside your child’s.  Each week you are supported to make a plan for creating change and making what’s hard easier.

Live calls

Each month, there’s a daytime or evening opportunity to ask questions and get support at a live online call.  

Answering your questions

Each week I do a live video answering questions in-depth with step-by-step guides for helping you through a problem.  These are saved in out app so you can watch back at anytime. 

In person meet ups

The handiness of the online community is amazing, but I also arrange in person meet ups in Cork and Dublin where we can hang out, catch up and not be Mums for a little bit!



Resources, videos & worksheets

Over 100 videos and a variety of worksheets and resources to support you to parent with less stress.  There’s many step-by-step guides for helping with practical parenting problems such as helping with anxiety, tantrums, managing explosive behaviour, managing guilt and helping children open up.


Bringing in professionals

We have monthly clinics with a play therapist, psychologist and myself who is a psychotherapist.  The supports you need are wrapped around your family and no-one is left out – you are the most important person in your family.

Weekly grounding, self-regulation and balancing

You can’t teach your children about regulation their emotions until you are a master of your own.  Each week our Psychologist will take you through a short meditation (under 5 minutes) that you can practice in your daily life to help you create balance and manage what’s difficult.

How much does it cost?


You can start with a free 7 day trial, then after that it’s only €35 per month of €350 (two months free) for the year.  The Calm Parenting Club is more than just a forum.  It’s professional advise and support with the expert knowledge and community to help you be your child’s greatest therapist – all this for less than a couple of coffees a week.

A look inside the app


The Calm Parenting Club is hosted in an app away from social media.  Inside is where we chat and all the information to support yourself and your family is stored.  It’s easy to use and keeps us connected easily and most importantly, around your schedule.

The information and support is a mixture of audio, video, PDF and text, so you can absorb what you need in the way that works best for you.

inside the calm parenting club
Online Parenting Courses by Bethan O'Riordan Psychotherapist

I am a Psychotherapist which means that I am an expert in supporting people to have the relationships they want to with themselves and those around them.



I’ve worked with suicide and self-harm prevention, mental health difficulties and addiction.  My passion is to see children and parents for who they are, look past behaviours and see how we can create change that works. 

Meet Bethan

Over 10 years ago, I realised I had to learn a whole new way of being.   On the outside things looked fine – I was working, the kids were healthy, but I was unhappy.  I was experiencing really difficult emotions such as anger, rage and anxiety.


I knew that if I didn’t learn what this was about, I wouldn’t be able to parent in the way that I’d like to.  If I didn’t have the skills to manage my emotions, how could I help my children with theirs?


I had to work through all the hardest parts of me; triggers, fears, worries, guilt, shame, anger and anxiety. As a result of that process I now can help my children navigate through their emotional and behavioural needs. And better than that, I found freedom in me.


I look forwards to supporting you to do the same in the Calm Parenting Club. 

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