The Calm Parenting Community. 

Not another thing to do, it’s your place to be.


I have to thank you and this group.  I’ve tried many supports over the years as a Mam, and the Calm Parenting Community has helped me more than you could ever know.

Sarah, Mum of four


Welcome to The Calm Parenting Community.

It’s the place for your worries, hopes and fears and where you’ll get the answers to help your child with their behaviours and emotions.

It’s your community for the stuff you don’t understand, the stuff that hurts, confuses or exhausts you and it’s the place for answers if you’re stuck on a waitlist.

It’s the place for you to be the person, and parent, you’d like to be.  And it’s your community to help you raise a resilient child.


Here you’ll get the answers to help your child’s behaviours, emotions and development.  It’s your community that helps you when you’re doubting yourself and helps you to be the person, and parent, you and your family need.

If there’s one thing I’d love parents to know – it’s that they are the most important person in a child’s life.  You can help your child get through anything and I’m here to help you do that.


Does this sound like you and your family?

Do you want to learn to become a calmer parent?

Is your child having a hard time regulating their emotions and you need to know how to help them?

Want to know what to do and say in those moments where your child is upset, angry or anxious?

Is your child, and family, stuck on a waitlist waiting for support and answers?

Perhaps you feel things are ok, but want expert information, tips and advice as your child develops?

Welcome to my online support and advice group for all parents. Every parent needs expert advice and support to make sure they’re really offering their children what they need to support their developing emotions, behaviours and mental health. 

In the Calm Parenting Community you get to tap into my extensive (eighteen years) experience supporting families as and when you need it, alongside peer support and a community of parents that get what you’re going through.  There’s no waitlists, no juggling work and family life to make appointments – you get the answers when you need them. 

Don’t be stuck, don’t be alone and join us for the answers to help you and your child.  Inside the community, parents are talking about and being supported with a range of parenting problems including eating, ADHD, Autism, self-harm, anxiety, managing pre-school behaviour, constipation/toilet difficulties, making bed times smoother, different parenting styles and helping parents with their worries, fears and anger.

This is a commuity where other parents are going through the same things as you so you’re not alone with what’s going on.


In this online parenting community, I’m there to guide you through life as things unfold and support you to support your child.  So there’s no more wondering if you’re doing the right thing, no more being unsure about managing big feelings.

You’ll get peace of mind knowing you’re doing and saying what’s right to support the development of your child without losing yourself along the way.

You don’t have to be in crisis to join, it’s for the day-to-day parenting problems too.  Every parent of any age or ability child is welcome to join and support is wrapped around you to be the person, and parent, you’d like to be while sharing the information you need to know to help raise your child and supporting you along the way to help them thrive.

Now is the time your child needs you to enhance your skills and keep your worries and uncertainties at bay. Don’t wait for something to happen – all parents can fine tune their relationship with their child so they can sustain the ups and downs of life.

The Calm Parenting Community is for parents who

  • \Want family life to be easier and happier
  • \Want to be heard
  • \Are supporting their children with a diagnosis, or waiting for a diagnosis
  • \Want to understand your children's behaviours and emotions know what to do and say to help them
  • \Would like to parent without shouting and tension
  • \Are supporting children through mental health difficulties including self-harm, anxiety and suicidal thoughts
  • \Are sick of being on a waitlist and want parenting advice now

A calmer family life is possible with the right support, information and community around you.

Stef - Mum of two

You’re supported without criticsm and judgement in the Community.

Suzanne, Mum of two

It’s worth its weight in gold!


Amy Mum of 4

What’s involved in the Calm Parenting Community? 

Fee:  €60 a month, cancel anytime

.  To h This online parenting support gives you access to myself and a community of like minded parents who get it.  Alongside a library of videos answering your parenting problems, I’m there daily (Monday to Friday) offer advice and support to reassure you as you implement the techniques and strategies to help your child as they develop.

Together we build the family dynamic you want and deserve by helping you to overcome day to day parenting dilemmasor the big things that might be going on.

Hosted in a private app away from social media, support is always at your fingertips where you can ask me questions whenever you’d like to.

We’ve two monthly calls which are recorded (everything is recorded so you don’t need a babysitter or to leave work to get the answers you need), one call with myself and one with Helen, a child and family therapist with 24 years experience helping families be calm and happy.

But the biggest thing you get is reassurance and peace of mind knowing that you’re doing and saying the right things to help your child thrive.

Confidentiality and privacy

Your privacy is essential in this community and I know that there’s nothing more important than talking about your children.  To keep the community safe and private for everyone, monthly recorded calls are deleted after 30 days and when you decide it’s your time to leave the community all your posts/comments are deleted.

Please note that this is a therapeutic led community. This means that alongside the peer chat, support and invaluable sharing of experiences – the information, advice, support and community is therapeutically managed by expert professionals.

What’s it like to be part of the Calm Parenting Community?

I’ve learned more from you than any parenting book I’ve ever read!


Suzanne Mum of two

Boost your confidence with peer and professional support


I now know that my mistakes can be undone. It’s great being with others who are going through the same things – it makes it so much easer to accept my faults and move on.

Dayna, Mum of four

A look inside the Calm Parenting Community app

Inside the app is where we chat and all the information to support yourself and your family is stored.  It’s easy to use and keeps us connected easily and most importantly, works around your schedule.

The information and support is a mixture of audio, video, PDF and text, so you can absorb what you need in the way that works best for you.  Live sessions are recorded and stored for you to watch back in your own time.  And don’t forget there’s the chat function where we can chat about what’s going on and give you the support you need.

Psychotherapist Parenting Support Blarney, Cork

Meet Bethan

I am a Psychotherapist which means that I am an expert in supporting people to have the relationships they want to with themselves and those around them.

I share my eighteen years supporting families to help make your life easier.  I’m in a lucky position; I’ve worked closely with teens and families over the last eighteen years and want to share what I’ve learned with you to help make your life easier.

I help you to understand your children so that family life is happy, balanced and you know you’re doing what your child needs.  And this all starts with you. 

Over 10 years ago, I realised I had to learn a whole new way of being. On the outside things looked fine – I was working, the kids were healthy, but I was unhappy. I was experiencing really difficult emotions such as anger, rage and anxiety.

I knew that if I didn’t learn what this was about, I wouldn’t be able to parent in the way that I’d like to.  If I didn’t have the skills to manage my emotions, how could I help my children with theirs?

I had to work through all the hardest parts of me; triggers, fears, worries, guilt, shame, anger and anxiety. As a result of that process I now can help my children navigate through their emotional and behavioural needs. And better than that, I found freedom in me.

I look forward to supporting you to do the same in the Calm Parenting Community.

If you have any questions about the Calm Parenting Community, feel free to contact me by email at

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