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Your 6 week online parenting programme


I know that you want to have a great relationship with your child. One where they can talk with you and you can help them with any situation or feeling…but why is it so hard?

Maybe you’re going through a crisis, or maybe you’re looking for tips and advice for the day to day parenting dilemmas.

In this online parenting course, I will help your parenting to be easier and share the essential parenting skills and strategies for you to raise your child with resilience and cope with what life brings their way.  I run this parenting course annually, add your name to the waitlist below to be the first to hear when doors open September 2024.


I feel calmer, kids are doing better and there’s more chat from the kids, I don’t feel I am ‘on them’ as much and we are having more laughs together.
Sharon, Mum of two

Are there parts of your child’s behaviour or emotions that you’d like to understand and know how to help them with? Perhaps your child can be explosive, or you’d like to know how to help your teenager with anxiety or help them find themselves? Or perhaps you’d like to learn how to be a calmer, less reactive or worried parent?

It’s time for peace of mind.  This parenting course is tailored to what’s going on in your family (each participant has a complimentary one to one hour session with me) so that you get what you need for your child to be resilient and you parent with peace of mind.

This course is suitable for parents of all age children, parents whose child has a formal diagnosis, waiting diagnosis and querying diagnosis.  This is your place to help figure it all out.

Learn the skills to manage overwhelm and confusion.

Blathnaid, Mum of three

The Online Parenting Course helping you to have a happy, calm family life

Join me for this 6 week online parenting course where you will have peace of mind knowing you’re doing and saying the right things for a calm and happy family life.

Over our 6 weeks together, I will share my eighteen years experience supporting families and help you to shout less, worry less and be the parent, and person, you’d like to be.


What you can expect:


  • Learn what child development and emotional development is
  • Plenty of time to ask questions and get the answers you need to help your child with behaviours and emotions that you can’t manage, or don’t understand
  • Deepen your self-care and manage your worries with practical tips and mindfulness for parents
  • Enhance skills for re-parenting yourself, so that you’re less reactive and more responsive
  • Know how to set boundaries, deal with explosive behaviour and talk so that children will listen without you losing your mind!
  • Develop your skills for supporting your child’s behavioural and emotional development and mental health
  • Cultivate skills for mindful, gentle and compassionate parent
  • Suitable for parents of all ages of children

I found this course great. I learned about resilience and how to nurture it in my children. Well worth doing this course.

Ben, Dad of two

Here’s what previous course participants Mel and Jane say about how the calm parenting course has helped them get the answers and peace of mind they were looking for.

Reduce guilt and parent with peace of mind

Jane, Mum of two

Understand what’s going on for your child and how to help everyone to be calm!

Mel, Mum of two

Everyone wants their child to be resilient

And that resilience, that ability to cope with life, comes from you and how to respond to their emotional and behavioural development.  Resilience isn’t something children can learn from a book, exercise or anyone else apart from you.  And the good news is that on the course, I will show you exactly what do and say to give your child the skills for coping with life.

What’s Involved in this Online Parenting Course?

Over the 6 weeks, I will help you to work through what you find hard, confusing or overwhelming. You will learn how to be the gentle leader in your family and deal with conflict and difficulties with ease.

Here’s how we will do that:


  • The course is hosted through a private app where you have daily access to myself and other course participants – don’t be alone with your worries and fears, get the step by step answers to help you parent with ease
  • A weekly live session (which will be recorded so you don’t miss out if you can’t attend) covering all you need to know about child development, creating relationships that last and supporting your child’s emotional development
  • Each week we will focus on parent self-care – to be able to give, there has to be something to give!
  • All resources and live sessions are available in the app for you to come back to in your own time
  • Ask questions whenever you need to and get bespoke answers for understanding your child’s behaviour and emotions
  • Throughout the course you will learn skills for a calm, in control parent

I had never heard these concepts before. It was kind of mind blowing! Definitely a great parenting course.

Blàthnàid, Mum of three

The details


This course is run online and live sessions are through Zoom. Throughout the duration of the course, all participants have access to myself and the other members in an app.  This is where you can chat to me and get information and advice as life unfolds and I can help you through situations.

All the information is stored/recorded in the app so you’ll never miss out on the information that you need. Through the app you can ask questions in between our sessions to maximise our time together.


My next course will run in September.

If you’re looking for support before then, you can book a Parenting Consultation or join us in the Calm Parenting Community.

Free bits to help

Each participant will receive an individual complimentary hour with me (worth €180), both parents are welcome to attend this at no additional fee.

When the course ends it’s not all over!  You’ll get an invite to join us for a complementary month in my online support The Calm Parenting Community. (worth €60)

Course Fee and Payment

Fee:  €595 for one parent, €695 per couple * please note that this is based on parents who will be attending our live zoom calls.  One parent can join and still share the resources with another parent, but only one parent can join our live calls and this must be the same parent each time *

Extra information:  We will have an extra orientation-meeting session the week before the course begins.  We will also have two informal sessions for additional support.

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    This course is about clarity with what’s on your mind and supporting you to help your child through the transitions of their life.

    Stef, Mum of two

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    Psychotherapist Parenting Support Blarney, Cork

    Bethan is a psychotherapist and Mum of 3 whose work has been featured locally, nationally and internationally.  It was becoming a Mum of 3 part that took her on the wildest ride of her life – one that she is still on!

    Bethan knows first hand how hard parenting is; all parents go through the same up’s and down’s and are faced with the same exhausting challenges. Crucially, her expert therapeutic and parenting experience helps support parents so that they’re parenting with confidence and the skills to gently lead the family.

    Her work with people and families spans 18 years and her expertise are in supporting families to live happy, balanced lives.

    Parenting isn’t about children; it’s about parents and how they respond (rather than react) to their child’s development. In this course, you will be supported through the up’s and down’s of parenting to know what to say and do for them and yourself.

    It’s a great feeling sitting back knowing you’ve done your best, and Bethan can’t wait to support you to feel this too.

    If you have any questions, contact Bethan by email at