Did you ever open your mouth and your mother fell out? Haven’t we all…

mouthNo offense Mum.   It’s hard for the things we heard as a child not to fall out of our mouths. What’s important is that we work out if that’s helpful.  Is it helping our children feel safe so they can come talk to us about anything?  Is it helping them explore and understand their emotions so they develop the skills to handle them?

Setting up our kids for life means teaching them the skills for managing their emotions and helping them to problem solve difficult situations.  We can really only do this if as parents we have the skills to do this for ourselves. 

At the next Parenting Group starting in October, we will explore how to carve out being the parent that you want to be whilst also learning how to support the developing brain of your child.  We will be cultivating qualities such as kindness, warmth, tolerance, patience, empathy and sympathy and see how they inform our actions.  We will learn how to switch off the unhelpful responses and nurture the helpful.  Then we can choose the parts of our mothers we are ready to say goodbye to and embrace the rest.  To register see

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