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Explaining Auricular Acupuncture

auricular acupunctureI thought I should explain a little about auricular acupuncture as it is being offered as part of the Parent Group and 1 to 1 sessions.  I know that it can seem a bit daunting so hopefully this will calm nerves a little.  Anyone can receive acupuncture – the youngest who have had it is 1 yrs old and oldest is 74!

This acupuncture brings balance to the body and mind…we could all do with a bit of that!  People are welcome to bring a blanket, yoga mat and pillow to use for the groups if they want to have a lie down while the needles are in.  It is also totally fine to sit in your seat.

Auricular acupuncture is where thin needle is placed at 5 points around the ear.  These 5 points all work together to provide a complete treatment but if someone wants only 1 or 2 then this is ok too.  Each point in the ear corresponds to an organ.  In acupuncture each organ is associated with a personality aspect so the treatment nurtures and balances both body and mind.

The five points are:

Kidney – Pressure in the blood system, fear, will, willpower

Liver – Anger, frustration, resentment, compassion and life planning

Heart – Love, joy, excitement, joy, cravings, desire, hate, rage (a step beyond anger). The heart corresponds to the mind which is associated with intellect, pensiveness, racing mind and anxiety

Stomach/spleen – clear thinking, intellect, over thinking

Shen men – brings healing to the whole body – reduces inflammation, stress and boosts energy

The needles will be left in for 20 minutes at first and this can be built up to 45 minutes.  People ask if it is sore – you may feel a bit of pressure at the beginning and once the needles are in this sensation calms.  Most people sleep during the treatment.

One client said that the acupuncture “is very relaxing and brought a sense of calm, added bonus of having a great nights sleep post treatment”. Lovely!

*Please note that insurance does not cover me to treat anyone who is pregnant at this time.  Sorry.*

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