Family Therapy, Parental Support & Advice

Parents, you are the change your child needs

Things don’t have to be bad to want support. Everyone needs parenting advice and reassurance. It’s important for parents to continue to learn and enhance their skills to ensure they are supporting their child’s development with the most gentle, mindful and compassionate parenting approach.

Parenting isn’t about children, it’s about how parents and carers respond to children’s developing emotions.  I support parents to change their parenting default mode for a more gentle, respectful parenting approach. 

Through parents’ counselling, family therapy, advice & support, I will help you learn a gentler parenting style and show you how to become a calmer parent. You will understand what to do and say to support your child so that the relationship you have with them is the one you want and deserve.

Whether you’re in a crisis or looking for ongoing support to be the mindful & compassionate parent your children need, I will help you navigate this so that you are the calm parent you’d like to be. 

What parental support & advice is available?

As a family therapist based in Cork, I meet parents at one to one counselling, parent consultations either online or in person. Please note I will only meet with people under the age of 18 in person.

The Calm Parenting Club has two options for parents to get the information and coping skills they need to learn a more gentle parenting style.  The Foundation Access Level gives parents access to a vault of my knowledge and provides the parenting advice and support you need.


Need more support?

The Expert Support Level is an online support group for parents. It provides gives access to myself for help and support.  The Calm Parenting Club encourages a respectful parenting discipline and supports you to be the parent you’d like to be.  


Both levels will help you to become the gentle, mindful and compassionate parent your child needs.

If you are unsure what support you’re looking for, book a free call with me or email to explore what you and your family needs for life to be easier.  You can also sign up to my weekly Ask Bethan email where I answer your parenting problems and don’t forget to get your free 5 Steps to Calmer Parenting.

The Calm Parenting Club

This online parenting community supports parents you get the answers to help your child and helps you to be the parent you’d like to be.  It’s hosted in an app, there’s daily access to myself and other parents for therapeutic support so you don’t ever have to not know how to help yourself or your child.  Start your free 7 day trial today and be the change your children need.

One to one support

Parents  We meet in-person or online for an initial six sessions where I support you on your journey to a gentler approach in parenting.  These sessions can be weekly or bi-weekly depending on what’s needed.  During the sessions we do three things: 


1.  Create step-by-step guides and practical solutions to help your child work through what they are finding hard or difficult to manage behaviours and emotions. 

2.  Support the parent with any feelings of guilt, overwhelm, shame, anger, anxiety or fear they are experiencing.  

3.  Work through your parenting default mode, help you learn a gentler parenting style and become the parent you’d like to be.


Types of children’s behavioural or emotional difficulties I support parents with include; anxiety, fear, separation anxiety, clinginess, bedtimes, sleep, tantrums, anger, hitting, biting, self-harm, suicidal thoughts. I will also guide and advise you on how to be come a better more gentle parent.

Under 18’s  We meet in-person for an initial six sessions and work through the presenting difficulties.  In the work we do two things: 


1.  Develop practical skills for coping with life. 

2.  Heal the underlying emotional difficulties.


Types of difficulties I work with include self-harm, suicidal thoughts, critical or negative thinking, low moods, low self-esteem, low confidence and feelings of not fitting in.  


The six sessions are divided between supporting the client and meeting with the guardians to provide parenting advice and counselling so that they also know what they can do to help their child.


Whatever you’re finding hard in your family, I will support you so that life is easier.  Book a call with me, or email, to explore your support options for creating change.  If you’d like tips on mindful, compassionate and gentle parenting, get your free 5 Steps to Calmer Parenting below.