Norma Sheahan and Bethan O'Riordan on the podcast Heal your Hole

Featuring on Heal your Hole Podcast

What a hoot I had chatting with actress Norma Sheahan on her Podcast Heal Your Hole where we discussed how to heal any parenting holes you have in your life.

We covered pretty much all of parenting including poo-namis, reflux, post natal depression, mindful parenting (or not really) and heritage parenting. Often parenting is talked about in such a serious way so I hope that you enjoy this recording of two Mum’s being very real about their experiences.

If you’d like to heal your parenting hole you’d like support to create change, you’re welcome to book a free call with Bethan here to explore your support options. Make sure you download your free 5 Steps to Calmer Parenting. If you’re looking for immediate parenting support, you can start your free 7 day trial in the Calm Parenting Club., my online parenting community where you’ll get the answers to your parenting problems and you’re supported to be the parent, and person, you’d like to be.

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