Primary Teacher Wellbeing Research in Ireland

big shout outI am doing research alongside the University of Derby into Primary School Teacher Wellbeing in Ireland. I facilitated a summer course ‘Teacher Resilience’ with the CESC.  I need a control group (i.e about 30 people who were not part of the original course) to complete the questionnaire so we can compare results.  This control group gives the study validity.  The hope is that the research is peer reviewed and published in academic/scientific journals.

We require participants to complete three questionnaires throughout the year – one now, September and November.  The link is below:

Your support is greatly appreciated in bringing scientific data to the important area of teacher wellbeing.  This research is in conjunction with and supported by Dr. Frances Maratos and Prof. Paul Gilbert. Two highly esteemed and recognized international researchers in the area of wellbeing. This is an exciting and timely piece of research. In participating in this we can bring teacher wellbeing into the foreground.

Many thanks for your support – any questions then I can be contacted at, 083 313 0446.

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