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Next Parenting Group begins October

Resilient Minds logoOctober seems so long away but perhaps planning for after the summer might be helpful for some.

The next parenting group is being held in the Cork College of Commerce, beginning 4th October 7pm-9pm, running for 8 weeks. The cost is €100.00 and this includes weekly stress relieving and relaxing auricular (ear) acupuncture.

This course is a place of nurture and exploration.  It will support participants to:

  • Understand the brain development of their child
  • Explore emotional development of a child and what we can expect them to be able to manage
  • Mindful and compassionate parenting
  • Weekly acupuncture
  • Understand parent emotional responses to the difficulties of parenting

The most powerful thing we can do as parents is to set up our children so they can manage their emotions now and in the future.  This helps them flourish.  Any questions would love to hear from you.

Previous participants say

“I found this course very beneficial. I have changed the way I am myself & the way I parent & have seen a huge difference”

“Added bonus of being relaxed after courtesy of acupuncture and meditation”


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