Parenting Programmes

Bethan has created online and in person Parenting Programmes that draw from her many years of expertise as a Psychotherapist working with parents and children.  In these programmes, Bethan guides and supports parents with practical solutions to help parents be the change their children need while also healing parents triggers and inner child wounds.

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Online Parenting Courses by Bethan O'Riordan Psychotherapist

The Calm & Confident Parenting Programme – supporting to you be the change your children need

  • Learn simple strategies for supporting the behavioural development of our child
  • Reset or develop your parenting techniques
  • Learn how to manage emotional outbursts
  • Become the parent you’d like to be

Programme opens September 2022

Dialing Down Anxiety – helping you to create healthy relationships with yourself and your family


This is an online pre-recorded 40 minute mini course broken into short modules.  It is full of practical tips and information so that anxiety doesn’t run the show in yourself or your child. 


In this bite-size training, I share my top tips for helping yourself and your children make sense of what’s going on and create a plan that works. Invest now for only €27.99

Psychotherapist Parenting Support Blarney, Cork

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