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parent advice podcast for mums & dads the Mum Mind Podcast Bethan O Riordan Psychotherapist and Counsellor

The Mum Mind Podcast 

The parent advice podcast for mums & dads in need of support.

Join myself and Stef ( where we answer your parenting questions and reduce your emotional load to help your family life be that bit more balanced.


About your hosts 

Bethan, a Cork-based Psychotherapist with over 15 years experience in the field, provides parenting advice and counselling as well as family therapy services. Bethan is also the host of an online parents support group The Calm Parenting Club, which provides practical parenting advice and support to help parents develop a more gentle parenting approach. 

Stef is a Mum of two and has run interactive classes with children under the age of six for 20 years.  She helps support children’s development through play, fun, relaxation, music and imagination.


A parent advice podcast for mums & dads.

In episodes of The Mum Mind podcast Bethan & Stef share their combined experience supporting children and families alongside their own experiences of motherhood and the roller coaster that being a parent brings. 

If you’ve a question you’d like them to answer, email


So far episodes have covered how to be a calmer parent, helping your child with anxiety, helping suicidal children and respectful parenting discipline…and there’s so much more to come!

Our focus is gentle parenting styles and offering parenting advice to help parents with mindful & compassionate gentle parenting. 


Listen to the parenting advice podcast for mums and dads on your streaming platform of choice below. 


For more parenting support and advice check out The Calm Parenting Club.