Parent Connections

I’ve been thinking if there is anything I can do in my personal and professional capacity to bring parents together. We really are better together as we are a social species and Covid has really put a stop to that.

Many parents are coming to me talking about feeling isolated and lonely suffering with difficult feelings such as anger, anxiety and guilt.

I have created an online group Parent Connections – Supporting Parents to find their way – here is the link

The group is a place for self-care, meeting each other, being inspired, sharing experiences and knowledge and a place for laughter too. I will be giving mini workshops on topics that the group chooses – I will start with anxiety and go from there.

I will be facilitating tea break chats where I will interview other parents who have a story to share that others can connect with. I am hoping to get people during a break in their day while they are working/not working, where they can stop for a cuppa and be connected.

All are welcome to join the group – no nonsense will be tolerated.

Any questions then be in touch.

Warmly, Bethan

083 313 0446

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