Resilient Minds & NEPS

Programmes created by Resilient Minds support documents, policies and directives from The Department of Education and NEPS.  The work recognises the systems in place to support students and enhance them by helping students create a helpful voice to relate to any difficulties.  Teachers will learn skills that help to bridge the schools and the psychological services required from NEPS.

Programmes act as a framework for all aspects of the curriculum as it helps to nurture the most helpful qualities within people to bring to any task.  This type of work is so important for both teacher and student as helps direct attention in a way that is helpful to the learning process.  Critically, this work is suitable and empowering for all students.  At Resilient Minds it is recognized, valued and embraced that not all students enter into the classroom in a position to learn.  Our training helps to create secure attachments from which students can then learn.

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