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Summer Course Cork – Developing Teacher & Student Resilience

shout outI am delighted to announce that I will be running a summer course for Primary School Teachers exploring and developing teacher and student resilience.  The motivation for the course is to recognise how important teachers are in students lives and how important it is that students learn how to understand their emotions and know what to do with them.

Details are below, booking can be done through the CESC Website.

CategorySummer Courses
DateMonday 03 July 2017 – Friday 07 July 2017
Time9.30 to 14.00
PresentersBethan O Riordan
VenueTogher BNS, Togher, Cork

I am really interested in hearing teachers views on what they see as important for teacher wellbeing and student resilience so please do make contact if you have any views.  Here is the course description – I look forward to meeting you in July.

Teacher and Student Resilience for Junior Infant – 6th Class Teachers

Presented by Bethan O’Riordan, Psychotherapist

This course appreciates the complexity of being a teacher and the expectations within the role.  This summer course recognises the importance of teacher well-being and enhances the well-being of participants through informative, fun, experiential and practical sessions.

Teachers will also develop their classroom skills to support students with a range of needs.  Emphasis will be placed on supporting students to develop skills so they can take responsibility for themselves and understand others.  This is done by helping students understand their difficult emotions and learn how to manage them in helpful ways.  The course encapsulates the three strands of the SPHE Curriculum Myself, Myself and others and Myself and the wider world.

A variety of assessment opportunities, including journaling and pupil self-assessment will also be explored.  Resources will be offered to participants to support continuing efforts in wellbeing in the educational setting. 

Bethan has designed the course from her vast experience working with adults and children within the community for over 10 years.  Her passion is to support people in education to create and maintain emotional resilience to be able to cope with whatever life brings.  The course has been designed using the most up to date research in the area of well-being and resilience. 

The outline for the course is as follows:

Day 1 – What are the needs of teachers and students? How does understanding the brain, mind and body help us meet these needs?

Day 2 – How can we broaden emotional literacy in students, and how does this support their learning? 

Day 3 – Helpful strategies for creating behaviour and thought change/discipline in the classroom?

Day 4 – Exploring measuring student and teacher wellbeing? How can we deepen teacher self-care?

Day 5 – Reflection for action


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