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Teachers Matter – bringing science to teacher Resilience

teachers matterI am delighted to announce that the Summer Course I am facilitating with the CESC, ‘Primary Teacher Resilience’, is going to be researched and evaluated by the University of Derby.  This research is being supported by Dr. Paul Gilbert OBE and Dr. Frances Maratos within the University of Derby who are experienced and esteemed researchers.  The idea is that if the results are promising the research will be published in a peer-reviewed scientific/academic journal, in other words the highest level of rigour.

Course participants will be asked (there is no obligation to participate) to complete 2 questionnaires over the academic year and 1 at the beginning of the course in early July.  The questionnaires will take no longer than 10/15 minutes to complete and will be emailed to participants.  Very excited to say that there is a control group participating, so many thanks to those who have volunteered for this.  This means that the research will hold even more validity.   

The course is going to explore teacher resilience within the framework of Compassionate Mind Training.  This approach explores the science of being human and helps us to understand the mind.  This helps us to understand that we are all vulnerable to tricky things going on inside us – anxiety, depression, anger, critical thoughts – because of the way our brains have been designed. Evolution doesn’t care if we are happy, it just wants us to survive, and this can be hard for us.  This course pays deep respect to the demanding role of being a teacher.  It will broaden and enhance teacher self-care and wellbeing and promote nurturing of self.

Really looking forward to meeting everyone in early July and learning from the wisdom of the group.  Together we will bring teacher wellbeing to the forefront of education.

If anyone would like to know more I’d love to hear from you – www.resilientminds.ie, info@resilientminds.ie, FB: @Resilient.Minds.Ireland, T: @resilientminds_ P: 083 313 0446

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