The Calm & Confident Collective

Your online community to solve your parenting problems and help you find your parenting best

Calm & Confident Collective - solving parenting problems

✨Don’t you wish you had someone there who knows about parenting and can help you find balance?

✨Wouldn’t it be great if you had a safe place to go to whenever you needed for professional and peer parenting support?

✨A place that also provided you with the information and resources you needed to understand emotions?

✨Are you ready to parent with less stress and have more energy?

Then add your name to this list and I’ll let you know when the Collective opens. There will be one annual intake of members, so make sure you put your name down to grab your place. Numbers will be limited to keep the group intimate and make sure that people are getting the support they need.

I’m a psychotherapist with over 15 years experience supporting people to make changes for a happier and easier life. In this membership you’ll have daily access to my knowledge and experience to support you. For more information about me, read here.

This is for the parents who are ready to work through their problems and make changes with the things they find hard. Are you ready?

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