Therapy helps New Year Resolutions become reality

Well here we go end of 2018. I am sure for most it’s been a year of ups, downs and something in the middle. Life’s a bit like that.

And going forwards what does life hold? There’s much talk of resolutions, change, new beginnings, a clean slate.  But if people are really honest, the things that we would like to most change about ourselves are things that have been a struggle for a long time. Perhaps there has been a pattern of try and fail.  Why?  Because the painful parts of ourselves that have led us to over eat, drink, smoke, think too fast/too much, live life in fast forward, act in unhelpful ways, be anxious and angry are yet to be healed.

We cannot make changes for the future unless we heal the pain of the past.  Beware of making plans for future change; most often learning from the past by understanding it in a more compassionate way naturally leads to making the changes we desire.

Happy New Year and compassionate wishes for 2019.

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