What I do during a lockdown

Here in Ireland we are in lockdown, homeschooling & working from home.😌

I sometimes feel that as a therapist I am supposed to have a pearl of wisdom, something really clever to say that we can all learn from. But I don’t. Everyone’s version of coping is so personal.

What I do have instead is my open and honest explanation of how I cope during lockdown – it’s intended to connect me to myself and others. When I feel connected I feel better in myself and can then offer more to the kids. This doesn’t mean that I am ontop of it all time, but I do know what supports me in my life. The challenge is to remember to use these supports when I need them.

✨Every night I get a notebook 📕 and make a plan of what we all need to do the next day including what we will eat

✨I allocate certain hours for work/play/homeschooling and stick to them as much as possible

✨At the end of each week ask the kids to plan the meals for the week – some they can cook and some we can all cook (for me cooking and planning the cooking is the most time consuming part of the week)

✨I work out what I need to do each day for me to feel well in my mind and that I have the energy and emotional capacity for the kids.

✨This means 3-4 morning online pilates classes a week.

✨Stopping each day at least every 2 hours and having a cup of tea (1 caffeine☕️ and the rest herbal so I don’t get wild 🤪)

✨Go outdoors every day – alone when possible

✨I write letters to friends to stay in touch

✨I get into a TV Series – Ireland’s Fittest Family this time

✨I listen to music and read books

✨I take herbal supplements prescribed from a herbal practitioner, vitamin D, vitamin C and fish oils daily to support my body and mind

✨I predict tiredness and exhaustion by arranging sleep-ins with my husband and daytime naps

✨I go back to therapy for extra support if required

✨I attend the weekly Chamber meetings as regularly as I can. This helps me to nurture another part of me

✨I involve myself in my local community association. My job is to run the text alert system.

✨I go to my polytunnel and play around with seeds, herbs, vegetables and soil.

✨I stick on a movie when I am tired and we chill as a family

✨I plan a treat each week. I don’t drink, so I usually get a takeaway

✨I practice sitting with difficult emotions, days and times and offer them my deepest compassion. This can be hard.

How is life for you? Do let us know at hello@bethanoriordan.com. Stay in touch & connect 💗

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