what is a resilient mind

What is a Resilient Mind, anyway?

what is a resilient mindA Resilient Mind is a mind that knows itself. What on earth does that mean? Well, it means that we have the ability to understand how our brain is constructed, why it does the things it does and why we do the things we do.
The mind is a set of patterns in the brain often referred to as the different parts of us (like the critical part, the sad part, the angry part…think Inside Out). The important bit is that we recognise we have these parts. Understanding these different parts of us creates emotional resilience as we can begin to learn why we do the things we do. And most importantly we can decide who runs the show. In her Mindup Organisation, Goldie Hawn refers to the brain as Command Central – which part of it runs your show?
So what’s resilience? Well, the resilience bit is about being able to handle what’s happening in our minds, handle our thoughts and feelings and how they impact on our actions. Basically our ability to cope with life.

What kinds of things would our mind do if it were a resilient one? Would it judge, criticise and tell us we can’t do things? Or would it see that well actually life can be really hard and with courage, patience and nurturing we can learn to do things in a more helpful way.

It’s important to remember that we have the ability to be strong and adaptable, just the same way that we have the ability to criticise, punish and judge (as we more often remind ourselves). How we do this will be explored as the blogging continues.

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