what is a parenting group

What’s a parenting group all about?

what is a parenting groupParenting is a tough job.  It’s a whole mixture of things including being tiring, frustrating, lonely, wonderful and loads of fun. Being a parent can bring up things within parents that aren’t comfortable for them – it highlights our anxiety, anger (feel free to add your own…).  What is difficult is that when we are in these tricky emotional states, our actions and behaviours can be unhelpful and we can feel bad about them. This might be shouting, screaming, punishing, using nasty language (again, feel free to add your own…).

This is all normal.

And it’s the way the brain has been designed. Our brain’s haven’t been designed to be ok with stress. Our brains see stress as a threat and then we go into defense mode. Which is when we turn into nuclear parent. Not helpful.

So what we do at the parenting group is enhance skills to understand our behaviour and emotions and the behaviour and emotions of our children.  We normalise the experience that is being a parent and figure out what kind of parent we want to be. We learn how to help our children through their emotional turmoil and set them up for life with the skills to manage their emotions appropriate to their age.

If you would like to book the next group, here’s the details:


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