Who deserves happiness?

happinessI’m looking at the blackberries outside. Ravaged by the harsh winds, rain and demolished by the beautiful birds pecking in and out of their thorny brambles. I would too if I were them.

So what’s this got to do with emotions? See, it doesn’t matter how much I tend to the blackberries, collecting and carefully laying manure from local cows, planting at appropriate times and minding.

Still things happen that are out of my control…the wind, the rain and nature. Did I deserve blackberries? I don’t know.

This is like our minds. We can tend to them best we can but there are still things that influence them that make them tricky for us. Our minds find times when it is difficult to grow and flourish. Do we deserve happiness? I don’t know. So much goes on in our minds that is out of our control.

And we can learn to be kind to ourselves during these times.

Thanks for reminding me a few months ago in Dublin Russell Kolts

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