why counselling and psychotherapy

Why Counselling & Psychotherapy

why counselling and psychotherapySometimes life can be hard. There can be an event that has triggered a difficulty, or sometimes life itself can just be hard work.  There can be parts of ourselves we find difficult, emotions we struggle with.  These can make tricky for us.

Talking through these difficulties can ease the pain of the emotions and often shift a physical pain too.  Sometimes we can feel anxious, low, angry, confused, inadequate, sad, depressed, out of control and we can suffer grief and loss.  We can rely on drinking, drugs, eating too much or too little and things can seem too much. 

Talking can release the emotional loads we are carrying. Talking can help us develop new skills to work with these problems and help them shift so they don’t hurt so much.  Talking takes real courage and the first step is such a brave one.

As the mind and body are so closely linked, I find that acupuncture mixed with the talking therapy is the perfect way of achieving balance.  Acupuncture is optional, but definitely worth a try.

To make an apt. in the practice in Blarney call – 083 313 0446.

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